Are lives are not so easy even when we think where dreaming!

 this blog is about how life goes by so fast and how we grow to be older people just like are own parents and how we thought we would never grow old. and now we are the age are mom and dad are. and where having children just like mom and dad did. we say i’ll never have kids i’ll never get married oh not me. but then that day comes and we  get married have kids. and we look back at what we said and say too are selves what happen i thought i was never going have a wife nag at me and i thought i never have kids screaming at me telling me that they don”t like me. what happen. every thing just went over my head. wow i must of been asleep when i got married and when my wife had are children. i don’t recall about getting married is this all a bad dream, or did i have too much to drink. or did i get hit in the head and this is all a set up.