A walk with my two best friends!

Nice walk witscript type=”text/javascript”>
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http://cdn.adf.ly/js/entry.js nice walk with my old best friends in the summer time. the day was so pretty and sunny. we loved walking out in the wonders lands. and we have so much fun just walking and being with each other. soon the time will come that one of are best friends wont be walking side by side with us due to sickness. but even i can’t see her. or she not with me i think some time to time that she walking next to me with her sister. people say that oh it’s just a  animal but really there just like family and like are kids. we treat them like humans well i treated my girl’s like humans because i loved them so much that i did not know what i would do with out them. and that day had come i lost my pacthies due to age and sickness and blindness but she still walk and got from place to place with no problems. it was the sickness that took her away from me. i wish that i could spend some more time with her but i say she best where she is now with her mom and dad and her friends. this is my story about my best friend for life.



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